Dental Care is important!

     Does someone in your fur family have monster mouth?  Do your puppy’s kisses smell like something died in its mouth last year?  Oral health in your pets has a huge impact on both their quality of life (and yours) and the quantity of life. 

     Greater than 70% of pets have oral disease by the time they are four years old.  Poor oral hygiene not only smells bad but has a huge effect on your pet’s overall health! It’s not just stinky breath.  That smell is from bacteria, a lot of it.  It is the smell of infection, of rotting gums and teeth.  All that bacteria can have profoundly serious and long-lasting effects on the whole body.  It can affect the heart valves and circulatory system and lead to heart disease.  The bacteria can spread through the blood to the kidneys and cause early kidney failure.  It can lead to liver problems and cause damage to just about every organ.  Not to mention it hurts like heck.  We regularly see severe disease that, if it were in our mouth, would send us screaming to the dentist, begging for relief.  Can you imagine only being able to chew on one side of your mouth because the other side hurts too bad to eat?  Can you imagine it going on for months or years?

     National Dental Health Month is coming up in February.  This is our annual push to get people excited about caring for their pets’ oral health.  It is one of the top things that can be done to help our beloved pets live a longer happier life!  To encourage better health care, we are offering $50 off for dogs and $40 off for cats of a professional dental cleaning.  Our dental cleanings include:

  • Initial general health and preanesthetic exam by the doctor
  • Proper and appropriate anesthesia and intraoperative monitoring
  • Full mouth digital dental x-rays – 70% of the tooth is under the gum
  • Dental scaling
  • Gingival and sub gingival evaluation
  • Oral surgery (variable cost)
  • Extractions if required (variable cost)
  • Polishing of teeth to suppress further tarter growth

     We are also offering a free oral health evaluation by one of our doctors or dental assistants.  From now until the end of February.  This complementary exam is only to evaluate the mouth.   Any other health concerns should be scheduled as a full examination.  Call…today and let us assist your fur family in being the happiest and healthiest possible.